Sale & Purchase Agreements

Having the correct formal agreement in place is essential

Whether you are buying or selling a business there is always a lot to consider and having the correct formal agreement in place is essential.

You will need to consider and decide upon a number of issues especially if you are either buying or selling shares in the business.

  • Does the business have an existing Shareholder Agreement?
  • Will you as the seller be expected to make certain guarantees?
  • As a purchaser do you want guarantees from the seller?
  • What undertakings do you want to impose on the seller?
  • What undertakings are you prepared to make to the buyer?
  • How do you value the company?
  • Who is responsible for existing and future liabilities?

The above are just a few of the complicated matters that will need to form part of your sale or purchase agreement and it is essential that the resulting document is drafted by a legal professional who can ensure that you get the best result for you with certainty and clarity.

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